The Ramsey Research Foundation:
Securing and sustaining the world’s pollinator biodiversity

We protect pollinators globally by:
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Conducting novel research on issues affecting pollinator health
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Building and operating advanced pollinator research facilities in critical international locations
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Finding sustainable solutions to complex issues enabling pollinators and people to co-exist and thrive
Photo of Dr. Samuel Ramsey
About Dr. Sammy
With over 25 years of entomological fascination under his belt, Dr. Samuel Ramsey (Dr. Sammy) is a pioneering figure in bee research, focusing on emerging symbioses and their impact on pollinator health. Now the Endowed Assistant Professor of Entomology at the University of Colorado Boulder, his work spans various bee species revealing the key drivers of their decline. His current international efforts through the United States Department of Agriculture, National Geographic, and his non-profit the Ramsey Research Foundation focus on how pollinator pandemics emerge, can be detected quickly, and stopped. Dr. Sammy's award-winning research on the Varroa destructor parasite earned him international recognition.

A Cornell and University of Maryland alumnus Dr. Sammy is the founder of the Ramsey Research Foundation and SYZYGY Media Collaborative. He's been featured on Hulu’s Docuseries: Your Attention Please as well as in the Washington Post, on NPR, CNN, Wired, the Weather Channel, CBS This Morning, Khan Academy, Seeker, Crash Course, The Today Show and countless local news segments underscoring his tireless quest to make science accessible to everyone.
Photo of Dr. Madison Sankovitz
About Dr. Madison
Dr. Madison Sankovitz, a passionate advocate for science communication and outreach, works in the Boulder Bee Lab at the University of Colorado’s (CU) BioFrontiers Institute under Dr. Sammy Ramsey. Madison's dissertation, under the guidance of mentor Dr. Jessica Purcell, delved into the ecology and genomics of social insects. Her research combines lab experiments, ecological and genomic data collection, and computational modeling to explore insect social traits and their environmental impact. Madison travels throughout Asia with Dr. Sammy, studying parasites and predators of honey bees. Madison holds a bachelor's degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from CU Boulder and a PhD in entomology from UCR.